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The licensing process is a reflection of the hard work and commitment to excellence that you hold yourself to as a working professional. Not just anyone can do what you do.The other side of this, of course, is the fact that the administrative process in California can be frustrating if not altogether overwhelming. Navigating bureaucracy can be confusing for even the savviest businesspeople, and if your ability to work and prosper depends on the experience of your lawyer, you can’t afford anything less than the most experienced legal help.Licensed professionals throughout California find highly experienced attorneys at the Law Offices of Brown & Brown. Administrative law is a highly technical, complex and process-driven area of the law; that’s why it is our attorneys’ sole area of practice. Attorney Donald B. Brown has 60-plus years of legal experience and was one of the first lawyers in the state to devote his practice specifically to helping licensees and licensed professionals navigate state-level bureaucracy. Now joined by his son and fellow attorney Adam B. Brown, our attorneys provide results-driven and reassuring advice when our clients need it most.

You may be seeking legal help not because you face administrative action from an agency, but because you need help applying for a professional license in the first place. Whatever your needs are before one of California’s many state agencies, our firm is ready to help.

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