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The mission of the Board of Pharmacy in California is to protect the health and safety of all state residents with licensing, regulation, and enforcement of the law. This board carefully reviews all complaints submitted by consumers and investigates a variety of allegations including incorrectly filling a prescription as well as dirty/unsanitary conditions. The board is also responsible for investigating concerns of drug/alcohol abuse and/or criminal convictions. If the board determines that a violation has occurred, it can take action in official warnings, fines, license suspension, probation, or revoking the license. With the help of a CA pharmacy board lawyer, your rights can be protected if you have experienced any of these things.

What Does a CA Pharmacy Board Lawyer in Los Angeles Do?

As a pharmacist, you spend many years learning the skills you need to be successful. If you have been contacted by the board or believe that you will be regarding a matter, it’s time to retain legal representation with a proven track record of success. We can help you to navigate through the complex investigation process and guide you on the best way to present your evidence. A CA pharmacy board lawyer from our law firm can help you to preserve your rights and to engage the board as quickly as possible to get this resolved.

If you have already been disciplined by the board and your license was revoked, you may be able to file a petition for reinstatement. If you are an applicant with a criminal history or past board problems, our pharmacy board attorney team can help you craft an application that gives you the best chance of getting your license.

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