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California Physician License Lawyer

Have you been accused of cheating the government out of money? Accusations of Medi-Cal or Medicare fraud should be taken very seriously. If convicted, you may face:

  • Huge financial penalties: The government will come after you for the money involved, and then some. You may be fined millions of dollars.
  • Jail or prison time: You may be incarcerated for a considerable time.
  • Loss of professional license: You may never be able to practice again.

If you have been charged with health care fraud, you should immediately contact an attorney. Do not wait another day. Your case is in experienced hands: Attorney Donald Brown has more than 64 years of experience.

When you’re in a difficult situation — when you have been accused of stealing from or defrauding the government — you can’t beat experience. We can help you deal with the legal and administrative crises you are in. We may be able to reduce your fines to a reasonable amount. Contact us to learn more.